Merchant Cash Advance


What is this?

A merchant cash advance is set up to give a business a short term advance against revenues not yet earned.  For instance if your business earns an average of $50,000 in revenues a month and can prove it with bank statements or merchant statements, you may qualify for about $50,000 in short term advance funding.  These are very short term so the payments are going to be high because of that.  Be very careful not to get more than you can truly afford after your current bills are paid. 

What do you need to apply

These lenders typically look at 

  1. the last 3 - 6 months in business bank statements and/or merchant statements
  2. Applicant must show ownership in the business (depending on the lender of 51% or greater to apply)
  3. Provide ID
  4. Some of these lenders will allow up 7 positions 
  5. credit score is not a big factor with this product

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How long does the process take

Depending on the lender funds can be available in a fast as 24 hours (Although that is not typical).  Most of these lenders will direct deposit the funding and ACH payments so make sure you can afford the payment before making this commitment.